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Member's Mark Commercial Mop Bucket with Wringer, 36 qt (980186696)

Member's Mark Commercial Mop Bucket with Wringer, 36 qt (980186696)
Member's Mark Commercial Mop Bucket with Wringer, 36 qt (980186696)

The Member's Mark™ Commercial Mop Bucket with Wringer features a large-capacity 36-quart bucket and heavy-duty side press wringer. It is great for use in all types of business settings including restaurants, convenience stores, offices, industrial and medical facilities.

Professional Grade Construction

  • 36-Quart Bucket – The large-capacity bucket is constructed of durable high impact polypropylene, making it ideal for high volume use. The large bucket size reduces labor by requiring fewer solution refills than competitive smaller buckets while accommodating easier mop function inside the bucket and reducing splashing outside of the bucket.
  • Heavy Duty Side Press Wringer – The steel handle and wringer mechanism are designed to withstand extended use in demanding commercial and industrial environments. The wringer arm is easy to operate and wrings out most sizes of mops. The wringer grip provides comfort and convenience during use.
  • Neoprene Swivel Casters – The neoprene non-marking, no-rust swivel casters smoothly maneuver the bucket, preventing tipping or spilling.
  • Lift Assist Grip Handle – The lift assist handle on the bottom of the bucket provides a convenient grip for easy emptying.
  • Fill Lines – The bucket features easy-to-read fill lines in both gallons and liters for simple, accurate filling.
  • Mop Rest – The mop rest located on the front of the wringer provides a safe and convenient space for resting the mop between uses.

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  • Model: BT-3100
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