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Zogics Wall Mounted Trash Can Wipe Dispenser Kit

Zogics Wall Mounted Trash Can Wipe Dispenser Kit
Zogics Wall Mounted Trash Can Wipe Dispenser Kit

Save money and space with this bundle wipe station. This kit comes with a wall mounted wipe dispenser with a sleek, surface mounted top trash can and compatible, eco-friendly can liners that make disposing of trash simple.

This affordable bundle includes everything you need for a cleaning and wiping any area. It includes our wall mounted wipe dispenser that works with all our wipes from Antibacterial Disinfecting EPA-Registered WipesWellness Center WipesAlcohol Wipes or Sanitizing Wipes, plus a durable surface mounted trash can for convenience. This large capacity 17 gallon trash can has a non-skid base that keeps it securely in place and works perfectly with the Eco Max can liners that are durable and easy to install. Promote a clean facility with this low-maintenance, easy to use wipe station kit. From schools to offices, this wipe station bundle is just what your facility needs.

What's Included:

  • (1) Wipe Dispenser
  • (1) Open Top Trash Can
  • (500) Eco Max Low Density Can Liners

Wall Mount Wet Wipe Dispenser are the perfect delivery system for our pre-moistened disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning wipes. You’ll love this sleek model because it’s easy to refill and install. This no-touch dispenser is also hygienic, and will help you cut down on germs, providing a healthier environment. The silicon nozzle perfectly tensions wipes so only one wipe is dispensed per pull.  This dispenser is available in three colors: white, black, and gray.

Surface Mounted Trash Can is outfitted with keyhole slots that make it easy to mount on any type of hard surface in your commercial restroom facilities. Crafted from 22-gauge, type-304 stainless steel, the waste receptacle holds up to 2 gallons of trash. Featuring an attractive satin finish that shows less fingerprints than a traditional polished look, the waste receptacle has front edges that are rolled by 1/2 of an inch in order to prevent accidental injuries to users.

Eco Max Can Liners uses a closed-loop recycling process in which agricultural films are gathered from farms and washed and recycled to produce PCRpro, a high-quality resin. That resin is the foundation for our can liners, which exceed environmentally preferred requirements without costing more. These liners are not only are certified to be ecofriendly but also compare in quality to any non-EPA compliant liners.


  • No touch wet wipe dispenser easily mounts to the wall
  • Sleek wall mounted trash can
  • Eco-friendly can liners are durable and ideal for any industry
  • Space-saving wipe station
  • Ideal for any facility from gyms, offices, bathrooms, schools and foodservice

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